Contributors by alphabetical order

Bernard Baertschi The Argument of Ethical Naturalism
Jonathan Barnes Frege's New Language
Arianna Betti The Naming of Facts
Philipp Blum Connectives, prenectives and dishonoured cheques of metaphysical explanation
Andrea Bottani Two Problems for Resemblance Nominalism
Ingar Brinck (with Göran Hermerén, Johannes Persson and Nils-Eric Sahlin) Why Metaphysicians Do Not Explain
Clotilde Calabi The Blurred Hen
Paola Cantù Bolzano versus Kant: Mathematics as Scientia Universalis
Roberto Casati Numerals and Word Sequences
Elena Casetta (with Giuliano Torrengo) Paradoxalis cookbook
Laurent Cesalli M&Ms — Mentally Mediated Meanings
Francis Cheneval Cosmopolitanism, Endless History, and Game Theory
François Clementz Internal, Formal and Thin Relations
Fabrice Correia From Grounding to Truth-Making: Some Thoughts
Damiano Costa Temporal Parts and Spatial Location
Tim Crane Wittgenstein on Intentionality and Mental Representation
Alain de Libera Le direct et l'oblique: sur quelques aspects antiques et médiévaux de la théorie brentanienne des relatifs
Julien Deonna (with Bence Nanay) Simulation vs. Theory-Theory: A Plea for an Epistemological Turn
Jérôme Dokic Mental Simulation and the Reification of Beliefs
Pascal Engel L'avenir du crétinisme
Michael Esfeld Science and Metaphysics: the Case of Quantum Physics
Denis Fisette Austrian Philosophy and its Institutions: Remarks on the Philosophical Society of the University of Vienna (1888–1938)
Amanda Garcia K.M. : Tollendo Tollens
Manuel García-Carpintero Constitutive vs. Normative Accounts of Speech and Mental Acts
Philip Gerrans Singular Thoughts, Seeing Doubles and Delusional Misidentification
Richard Glauser Locke and the Problem of Weakness of the Will
Göran Hermerén (with Ingar Brinck, Johannes Persson and Nils-Eric Sahlin) Why Metaphysicians Do Not Explain
Herbert Hochberg The Facts of Tropes
Ingvar Johansson All Relations are Internal
Anita Konzelmann Ziv Knowledge, Emotion, Value and Inner Normativity: KEVIN Probes Collective Persons
Wolfgang Künne Über Lügner, ‘Lügner’ und harmlosen Selbstbezug: Bolzano vs. Savonarola und die Geschichte einer Antinomie
Roberta Lanfredini The Mind-Body Problem in Husserl and Merleau-Ponty
Jessica Leech Formal Objects and the Argument from Knowledge
Keith Lehrer (with Joseph Tolliver) Tropes and Truth
Paolo Leonardi Predication
Pierre Livet Fundamental Ontology and Ontology of Epistemic Processes
Patrizia Lombardo Literature and the Emotions: Hazlitt, Stendhal
Fraser MacBride The Transcendental Metaphysic of G.F. Stout: His Defence and elaboration of trope theory
Diego Marconi Three Easy Points on Relative Truth
Mathieu Marion Wittgenstein on Heidegger and Cosmic Emotions
Uwe Meixner Causal Equivalence as a Basis for the Specification of Neural Correlates
Jean-Maurice Monnoyer Le dogme de la vérité selon Parménide
Carlos Moya Alternatives and Responsibility: an Asymmetrical Approach
Bence Nanay (with Julien Deonna) Simulation vs. Theory-Theory: A Plea for an Epistemological Turn
Martine Nida-Rümelin Basic Intentionality, Primitive Awareness and Awareness of Oneself
Melika Ouelbani Wittgenstein, ses prédécesseurs et ses contemporains
Alfredo Paternoster Reconstructing (Phenomenal) Consciousness
Johannes Persson (with Ingar Brinck, Göran Hermerén and Nils-Eric Sahlin) Why Metaphysicians Do Not Explain
Wlodek Rabinowicz Value Relations — Old Wine in New Barrels
Anne Reboul Live Metaphors
François Recanati Mental Files and Identity
Luigi Rizzi Syntactic Cartography and the Syntacticisation of Scope-discourse Semantics
Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen For Kevin's Sake
Nils-Eric Sahlin (with Ingar Brinck, Göran Hermerén and Johannes Persson) Why Metaphysicians Do Not Explain
Marco Santambrogio Did ‘Madagascar’ Undergo a Change in Referent?
Benjamin Schnieder Counting the Colours
Daniel Schulthess Bergson, Truth-making, and the Retrograde Movement of the True
Jan Sebestik Bolzano's Lehrjahre
Peter Simons Winnowing Wittgenstein: What’s Worth Salvaging from the Wreck of the Tractatus
Barry Smith Austrian and Hungarian Philosophy: On the Logic of Wittgenstein and Pauler
Johannes Stern The Truth on Predicates and Connectives
Göran Sundholm The Vocabulary of Epistemology, with Observations on Some Surprising Shortcomings of the English Language
Christine Tappolet The Normativity of Evaluative Concepts
Fabrice Teroni The Epistemological Disunity of Memory
Emma Tieffenbach The Sounds of Institutional Facts
Cain Todd Imaginative Acceptance and Attending Emotionally to Fiction
Joseph Tolliver (with Keith Lehrer) Tropes and Truth
Giuliano Torrengo (with Elena Casetta) Paradoxalis cookbook
Maria van der Schaar Mere Belief and the Etiolations of Language
Achille C. Varzi Because
Íngrid Vendrell Ferran La noción de valor en la filosofía de Meinong
Alberto Voltolini How Picture Perception Defies Cognitive Impenetrability
Jan Wolenski Truth-makers and convention T

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Bibliography of Kevin Mulligan's Work

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