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The Institute of Citizenship Studies (InCite) was created on the 1st of January 2014. It is the successor of the Institute for Social and Political Research (resop), which closed its doors after many years of activity. InCite aims to promote research and other initiatives related to the theme of citizenship in its legal, political, and social dimensions.

Three questions lie at the heart of the research carried out at InCite: the formal question of the legal and institutional foundations of citizenship as well as the practices tied to it; the participatory question of political mobilization of citizens and non-citizens; and the question of collective identities of citizenship.

The Institute currently hosts five research groups, each focusing on specific issues related to citizenship: CitCare, on policies related to dependent care situations; #DigCit, on digital citizenship; MultiCite, on political and moral questions related to citizenship, democracy, and multiculturalism; PolCite, on the forms of political participation; and PostCit (formerly POST IT), on alterity, “race”, and postcolonialism.