Rendez-vous de l'info scientifique

Anonymizing personal/sensitive data

In 15 minutes


Objective: Discover the specificities of anonymisation of personal and sensitive data and the ways to perform this operation on qualitative and quantitative data.

Description: Your research data contains personal and sensitive data and you need to anonymise it to protect the privacy of your study subjects. Are you aware of the issues surrounding the anonymisation of this data? Do you know which elements to consider? This short presentation will address these issues by providing you with concrete information on the different aspects of anonymising your research data.

Public: PhD students, post-docs, researchers, teachers


  • in English
  • takes place online via Zoom


  • Describe the challenges of anonymising personal and sensitive data
  • Identify the data and information that need to be anonymised
  • Be familiar with anonymisation methods for qualitative and quantitative data

Themes: research data management, anonymisation, pseudonymisation, sensitive data, personal data