Welcome to the Proteomics Research Platform at Faculty of Science, UNIGE! 

Proteomics is the study of identities, quantities and functions of all proteins expressed by a cell, tissue or organism at a given condition, and/or how these characteristics change under different conditions. Mass spectrometry is the leading proteomics technology that allows systematically probing of the proteome at increasing levels of completeness and precision. 

The Proteomics Research Platform of ChemBioMS at the Faculty of Science, University of Geneva is specialized in state-of-the-art mass spectrometry-based technologies for proteomics analysis. The Platform provides scientific and technical expertise to academia and industry in better understanding functions of proteins in pathways, diseases, drug effects and more. We offer pre-study consultation to advise users the best proteomics strategy, and support proteomics-related projects from experimental design, data acquisition, bioinformatics analysis and data presentation, to guidance on follow-up studies and publication.

Please contact us if you have any project requests or questions about proteomics.