Human Resources

These measures may be amended if needed or as the public health situation evolves.

Updated 15 January 2021

As the public schools in the canton of Geneva remain open and professional courses continue, it is important for apprentices to continue their theoretical and practical training. Apprentices are subject to the same measures as employees concerning telework, provided that they receive adequate supervision and the learning objectives can be guaranteed.

Updated 15 January 2021

If you get sick, you must inform your supervisor immediately. You must also let them know when you are better. You are required to provide a medical certificate if you are absent for three days or more.

COVID-19 patients

Please read more on "Quarantine and Isolation" page.

Updated 25 June 2021

Set up by the Pôle Cité of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE), the Psyline is a telephone counselling and psychological support line available to the entire UNIGE community (students and staff).

+41 22 379 92 00
Monday to Friday from 11am to 8pm
(excluding public holidays)
Free and confidential

Closed in August 2021 ->
During this period, please contact the telephone helpline
of the Canton of Geneva (www.143.ch)


You will find at the end of the line respondents from the FPSE, specifically trained in listening and supervised by experts in clinical psychology. If necessary, the Psyline team will refer you to professionals or other structures.

Updated 15 January 2021

All information concerning HR conditions in case of quarantine and isolation is available HERE.

Updated 28 May  2021
Trainees may still be taken on provided that the reception conditions comply with health protection measures and allow adequate supervision of the trainee. The possibility of carrying out a telework placement must be examined beforehand to ensure that the aim of the placement can be achieved through telework. A mentoring scheme should also be announced at the time of hiring.

Updated 1st April 2021

I haven't been able to use up all the vacation days I carried over from 2020. Will these days be cancelled?

In 2021 the usual arrangements will apply for the management of vacation days, in particular the maximum time limit for carrying them forward to 31 August. It is important that the remaining 2020 vacation days are taken before this date.

Can my supervisor cancel my vacation if it's already scheduled?

Yes, supervisors can cancel vacation that has already been scheduled. Vacation must be scheduled with the consent of all those concerned, but your employer can prevent you from taking vacation during a given period for work-related reasons.

Do I have to take vacation despite the current situation?

Vacation entitlements are there to safeguard staff members' health. Staff members have to schedule their 2021 vacation despite the public health crisis. As a reminder, although some vacation can be taken in small chunks, all teaching staff must take at least two consecutive weeks off at some point, and all technical and administrative staff must take at least three consecutive weeks off.


Updated 15 January 2021

Am I required to come and work on site if my employer asks me to?

Yes, as long as all the protective measures recommended by the Federal Office of Public Health are in place. If you are not at especially at risk and you don't turn up for work on site with no valid reason, your employer may consider it to be an unexplained absence and act accordingly (such as by taking the time out of your vacation). If you are not at especially at risk and you continue to refuse to come to work, this may be deemed a violation of your duties and you could face disciplinary measures or even have your contract terminated.

In a derogatory manner, people at especially high risk can refuse to do certain work assigned to them if on-site conditions are not safe enough or if they consider the risk of infection to be too high despite the measures taken. > Read more about people at especially high risk

Updated 21 July 2021

The UNIGE encourages all students and staff who wish to do so to be vaccinated in order to protect themselves and others, while respecting their individual choice. People who live in Geneva and wish to do so can be vaccinated by registering on the dedicated website, which is also opened to cross-border workers affiliated to the LAMal. People living in other cantons or abroad with no affiliation to the LAMal must register within the vaccination plans in their place of residence.

In addition, the General Direction of Health and the Cantonal Pharmacist Service wish to facilitate access to vaccination for the UNIGE community. To this end, it is now possible to choose the date and time of your vaccination in the vaccination centre M3 (route de Chêne 18-20):
> To get vaccinated at the M3

As it is sometimes difficult to postpone the vaccination appointments, staff members can also get vaccinated during their working hours. This provision includes of course the necessary travel time. They simply need to inform their superiors, but without having to request time off work. Teachers are asked to show the same tolerance towards students who should be vaccinated during class time, by excusing their absence. If the appointment is scheduled at the same time as an exam, we encourage the students concerned to reschedule their vaccination appointment. If they cannot do so, their absence will be excused under the same conditions that apply in case of illness and upon presentation of the appointment and the vaccination certificate.

 Vaccination is not an alternative to protective measures that we must all continue to observe scrupulously.

The Infovac website, managed by the Center of Vaccinology of the University of Geneva, provides information on Covid-19 vaccination.