Content updated on 4 mai 2021
The measures concerning events adopted by the Federal Government on 14 April 2021 come into force on 19 April 2021 and until further notice.
All public events organised at the UNIGE are under the responsibility of their organisers.

Organisation of public events at the UNIGE

Public events organised by the UNIGE, by members of its community - including student associations without external participation - or by third parties in university buildings are subject to the following provisions:

  • Events organised indoors are limited to an audience of 50 people.
  • The capacity of the rooms used is reduced to a maximum of one third.
  • Participants must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people at all times or be separated by a seat.
  • Participation in the event is subject to compulsory registration.
  • People must remain seated for the entire duration of the event, including breaks, unless they have compelling reasons to stand; each person must be allocated a seat;
  • The consumption of food and drink as well as the organisation of aperitifs, coffee-cruises or other networking formats between participants are prohibited.
  • The event has a specific protection plan based on the UNIGE public events protection plan.
  • The event must be formally authorised by STEPS Service (occupational health, environment, prevention and safety), on behalf of the Rectorate. The request for authorisation accompanied by the protection plan should be sent to steps(at)
  • Face masks must be worn by all participants for the duration of the event. If the organisers wish to make masks available to participants who do not have any, they may purchase them at a price of CHF 10 per 50 by sending a request to boutique(at) This offer is reserved exclusively for faculties, centres, divisions and services of the University, as well as for student associations recognised by the Rectorate. For public lectures, speakers are authorised to remove their masks once they have arrived at the podium, provided that the distance of 1.5 metres from the audience and other speakers is respected at all times during the speech. They shall replace their masks before leaving the stage.
  • The cleanliness of the premises is ensured in accordance with the UNIGE's protection plan.
  • Dispensers of hydroalcoholic solution are placed at the entrance.
  • Appropriate signage is in place, reminding people of the protection measures (wearing a mask, hand hygiene, maintaining physical distance as far as possible, limiting the number of people to 50, compulsory registration, prohibiting access to people who have symptoms or have tested positive to COVID-19).
  • Ventilation: In places that do not have an automated air supply and exhaust system, ensure that the place is well ventilated by opening the windows before and after the event, as well as during each break if necessary.

If the organiser is not a member of the university community and has a protection plan different from that of the UNIGE, duly validated by the authorities, the most restrictive protection plan will apply.

As of 1 March 2021, the University's exhibition halls reopen.

Online events

Each online event must also be validated by STEPS via the "Event Protection Plan" form to be sent to steps(at)
The presence of speakers and technical staff required for the organisation and broadcasting of the online event must comply with the UNIGE's protection plan.
Organising online a conference, a colloquium, a thesis defence, an exhibition or a hackathon: in order to guide the organisers of UNIGE events in this process, a website provides useful resources for organising and switching their initiatives to virtual and hybrid formats.

Internal activities events

Working meetings between colleagues, including those with participants from outside the institution, are organised by using videoconference.

If an in-person meeting needs to take place, all participants must wear a mask, even when physical-distancing requirements are met.

The University's usual activities (welcoming of staff, assemblies, etc.) take place online.

Reminder : festive internal events organised by and for UNIGE staff members (aperitifs, retirement aperitifs, dinners organised by UNIGE services, end of year parties, etc.) are postponed until further notice.

Room reservations

Given the constraints caused by the public-health situation, the Rectorate has set the following order of priority for events:

  1. Teaching (e.g., classes, seminars, exams, thesis defenses). Defenses are public events. They must have a protection plan based on the UNIGE public events protection plan
  2. Other UNIGE academic events (e.g., symposiums and other similar gatherings)
  3. Public events involving the local community (e.g., large conferences, debates and exhibitions) or organized by third parties. The events take place preferably online, the rooms can be reserved for their organisation and recording.