Distribution of protective equipment

Updated 28 septembre 2021


Students must provide their own face masks.

Points of sale

Students can purchase from UNIGE:

  •     Pack of 50 surgical masks for CHF 6.

Point of sale :
ReproMail printing centre (Uni Mail), open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm non stop.

As the UNIGE Boutique  (Uni Dufour) is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 2 pm or online

This offer is strictly reserved for students who can buy it once a month, upon presentation of the multi-service card. Students facing extreme financial hardship and can't afford this purchase can request support from the Social and financial service.

Distribution to employees

  • Two surgical masks per working day are distributed free of charge to employees who request them, according to the needs established by the hierarchies and through the designated respondents.
  •  Disinfection products (disinfectant wipes, liquids and sprays) are available to staff members. Each hierarchy communicates the need for disinfectants for its entity to the designated respondents. The respondents are responsible for distribution. A deposit system is set up for the replenishment of disinfectant products. Keep your spray bottles and wipe containers. Due to their cost, limited stock and ecological impact, the wipes are reserved for the disinfection of sensitive scientific and audio-visual equipment. Alco Clean is available to disinfect surfaces.

The costs for the purchase of additional masks are borne by the employees.

Self-service refills

Everyone can fill their individual bottle with hydroalcoholic solution (SHA) using the canisters in the halls of Uni Mail, Uni Dufour, Uni Bastions etc.
The same applies to Alco Clean: self-service bottles are available in the halls of Uni Mail and Uni Dufour (near the dressing rooms).

Faculty of Science

Monthly distribution of surgical masks, individual vials and cleaning paper organised by the STEPS contact in collaboration with the respondents.

Filling of AlcoClean sprays by users using a self-service canister in the hall of SC3 (the STEPS contact manages the regular filling).


Distribution of the 2 surgical masks per day per person for the employees at the lodge level. Filling of sprays or standard exchange of alkoclean sprays in the biostock (supply of sprays and alkoclean by the STEPS manager).


The STEPS contact persons centralize the requests and organize the renewal of the equipment at STEPS:

CMU - Contact: Audrey.Maciejewski(at)

SCIENCES - Contact: Raphael.Maion(at)

Contact: Anna-Sofia.Ferro-Luzzi(at) A completed form should be sent to anna-sofia.ferro-luzzi(at) and vincenzo.berardicelli(at), if possible before Tuesday evening.
Withdrawal of material :
Uni Mail: every Thursday from 9am to 12 noon, from the security guards.

CAMPUS BIOTECH - Contact: contact(at)