Updated 7 June 2021

 500x500_testing.pngGet tested regularly. On presentation of their multiservice card, all members of the university community can be tested free of charge at the UNIGE. > Testing campaign




Follow online teaching > Read more




Can you work your tasks from home? Work at home,
in accordance with your supervisors and the needs of your service> Read more



Picto_Masques.pngWearing a face mask is compulsory inside all university buildings and at the outdoor entrances of the buildings even if physical-distancing requirements are met.
Specifically, mask must be worn everywhere on at all times, including in elevators, bathrooms, classrooms, libraries and whenever people move around. The only exception is in individual offices, if you are alone.
> FAQ and Information on the use of face mask at UNIGE

> How to get one ? Distribution of protective material for students and staff members 




Employees at especially high risk: inform your supervisors that your are at especially high risk and benefit from enhanced protection > More information


500x500_iconscovid3.pngReduce the occupancy of offices

Offices with two or three workspaces should, as a general rule, only have one person working in them at a time. The number of people in an open space should never exceed 50% of the total number of workspaces unless otherwise approved by STEPS.  The number of people working in laboratories, workshops and other specific areas must be in keeping with the relevant protection plan, as approved by STEPS. You must wear a face mask in all places where more than one person is present, even if physical-distancing requirements are met

800x754_pictoEspace.pngKeep a distance of at least 1,5 meters from other people whenever it's possible especially when you’re in common areas, such as elevators and bathrooms in queues (in the library, cafeterias, etc.) in offices and laboratories.



Picto_01.pngRespect hygiene measures
Wash your hands frequently, preferably with soap and water or otherwise with hand sanitizer. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or into the crook of your arm, then dispose of the tissue in a waste bin. Avoid direct contact (handshakes, hugs).

UNIGE provides a reusable 100ml bottle of hand sanitizer to keep with you to all member of the University. You can refill the bottle at any of the sanitizer dispensers in the buildings’ main areas or through your contact person.

> How to get one ? Distribution of protective material for students and staff members 


fourchettes_barrees.jpgEat your meals in the cafeteria areas, available for members of the University community only.
The meals can't be eaten in the work or relaxation areas but only in the cafeterias. The capacity of the cafeterias are increased to welcome everyone, including non-clients or people who bring their own meals. The cafeterias are subject to the protection plan of the company catering sector, which requires that masks be worn whenever people move around and contact tracing at each table.



Move away from building exits immediately. Observe barrier gestures, including at building entrances.



Picto_Spray.pngClean the work surfaces

Disinfect workplaces at UNIGE library before and after use.
Staff members : Disinfect shared equipment and areas – such as printers, meeting rooms, laboratories, reception areas and counters – before and after use, and clean your own desk frequently. Cleaning products (disinfectant wipes, liquids and sprays) will be available to each staff member.

 > How to get cleaning products ? Distribution of protective material for students and staff members 




Use videoconference for all your meetings.
If an in-person meeting needs to take place, all participants must wear a mask, even when physical-distancing requirements are met.


The buildings must be ventilated regularly, either by mechanical ventilation or by natural ventilation by opening the windows several times a day. > Read more





 Do you show any symptoms? Stay home, contact your doctor or a health center and get tested. Follow the prescriptions of health authorities.




SwissCovid app

Icon SwissCovid App.pngHealth authorities recommend to download and install the SwissCovid app for cell phones (Android/iPhone) which will help to contain the new coronavirus. Using the SwissCovid app is voluntary and free of charge.
Google Play Store for Android
Apple Store for iOS

Get information from official sources

UNIGE recommends to select official and regularly updated sources to obtain accurate information about the coronavirus

The FOPH has set up a Coronavirus hotline

  • For the general public :           058 463 00 00
  • For travellers :                            058 464 44 88

information on the evolution of health care recommendations

UNIGE is carefully monitoring this quickly-changing situation. The University may adapt its policies at any time in response to new recommendations.

For any internal question related to the UNIGE policy, please send an e-mail to steps(at)