Renaud Jolivet


Our group is affiliated with the Department of Nuclear and Corpuscular Physics (DPNC) at the University of Geneva.  We are also part of the Geneva Neuroscience Center at the University of Geneva.



2020-11-17 New paper to appear in Phys. Rev. X soon!
2020-10-27 New grant to the team! Dr. Renaud B. Jolivet is granted a second technological FET-Open grant by the European Commission. Stay tuned!
2020-10-14 Dr. Renaud B. Jolivet becomes Associate Editor at IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience.
2020-10-14 New paper out here.
2020-07-16 Productive times for the lab, check out our recent preprints on arXiv and bioRxiv!
2020-02-27 Dr. Renaud Jolivet talks at ICSS*2020!
2020-02-11 Our FET-Open project In-FET has officially started today at our kickoff meeting in Trieste!
2020-01-31 Dr. Renaud Jolivet participates to his first board meeting at the Initiative for Science in Europe!
2019-01-07 Dr. Renaud Jolivet joins the PhD School of Life Sciences at the Faculties of Medicine and Science at the University of Geneva as co-director in the Physics of Biology program!
2019-01-07 Dr. Renaud Jolivet is elected to the Board of Directors of OCNS for the next 3 years!
2018-12-24 Congrats to Giuseppe Caruso and Filippo Caraci for our brand new paper, accepted just in time for xmas in Progress in Neurobiology!
2018-10-26 Follow us on Twitter!
2018-09-26 Congratulations to Mireille Conrad who just passed her LNDS PhD midterm evaluation with honours!
2018-09-26 Congratulations to Corrado Calì and Jay Coggan for our latest paper on modelling the brain's multicellularity! Published today in Frontiers in Neuroscience.
2018-07-17 Dr. Renaud Jolivet will join the program committee of OCNS in the fall and will serve on the committee for the next 3 years (2019-2021).
2018-07-11 We are signatories to the EuroScience and Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) petition for an increased EU budget for research and innovation.
2018-05-11 Congratulations to Mireille Conrad, who was just granted a travel grant to present at CNS 2018 in Seattle, US.
2018-03-28 Congratulations to Karolina Kulesz, who will join our lab over the summer after being awarded a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Foreign Scholars and Artists.
2018-02-03 Dr. Renaud Jolivet has been elected as board member of the Marie Curie Alumni Association during the 2018 General Assembly in Leuven, Belgium.
2018-01-19 Our Neuron paper is getting coverage in Neuron and Nature Reviews Neuroscience!
2017-12-28 Our Neuron paper is out!
2017-12-20 We are committed to Open Source for Neuroscience!
2017-11-01 Welcome to Dmytro who is just joining the lab!


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