Working Papers

About the GEDT Working Paper Series

The Institute / Hub for Environmental Governance and Territorial Development (“GEDT”) produces cutting edge research and high quality education and training across themes including environmental governance, urban and regional development, and sustainable development. The GEDT Working Paper Series is a peer reviewed collection that aims to accelerate the public availability of research undertaken by GEDT researchers.

The GEDT Working Paper Series consists of novel contributions from ongoing research at GEDT addressing current theoretical, methodological, and substantive issues in environmental governance,  territorial development, and sustainable development. The series encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. The intended audience is primarily the academic research community.


Who should submit?

Any current GEDT member or associated researcher can propose a manuscript for publication as a working paper. The GEDT Working Paper Series encourages collaboration between GEDT researchers. Preference may be given to articles co-authored by at least two GEDT researchers from different disciplines.


Why submit a manuscript to the GEDT Working Paper Series?

A high-quality working paper improves the impact of your research. GEDT working papers are scientific outputs that may ultimately be published as peer-reviewed articles or book chapters. A GEDT working paper receives helpful early review and feedback from peers and colleagues in the GEDT community and beyond.