UNESCO Chair in Hydropolitics

In November 2015, a UNESCO Chair in Hydropolitics was established at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) through the Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE). The Chair is headed by Professor Géraldine Pflieger, Director of the ISE, and Professor Christian Bréthaut, Director of the Education and Knowledge Component of the Geneva Water Hub.

Water research at UNIGE draws from a wealth of knowledge across several institutes, notably the Institute for Environmental Sciences, the Platform for International Water Law, and the Department of Political Science & International Relations. The Chair in Hydropolitics is rooted in these partnerships, and those with other universities research institutes and International Organizations.

The Chair in Hydropolitics seeks to:

  • Contribute to the creation of tools for improved understanding of the political challenges relating to water resources (institutional frameworks, regulations, policy dimensions, conflict resolution);
  • Strengthen international interdisciplinary research on water policy issues;
  • Disseminate knowledge resources globally through an internet platform, including free education programs; and to
  • Establish international research networks, integrated into the network of existing UNESCO chairs and building bridges between academic research teams in Northern and Southern countries, encouraging not only North-South but also South-South collaborations.

The Chair was officially inaugurated in November 2015. The application for the Chair was supported by the Swiss Confederation through the SDC Global Programme: Water Division and the National Commission for UNESCO.