PHD Programmes

Students with a master's degree who wish to deepen their knowledge and training in one of the GEDT Institute’s flagship themes may be admitted as doctoral candidates to the Geneva School of Social Sciences, specializing in either "Environment and Sustainable Development" or "Urban and Regional Planning." Both of these specializations are affiliated with the Institute of Environmental Governance and Territorial Development (IGEDT).

PhD Mentions (Geneva School of Social Sciences) affiliated with the GEDT Institute

Environment and Sustainable Development

The Environment and Sustainable Development specialization is suitable for doctoral researchers addressing, among other themes, natural resource governance, environment and international relations, environmental security, risk, sustainable development, adaptation and resilience. Interdisciplinarity at the theoretical, conceptual or methodological level is encouraged, while respecting the central role of the social sciences.

Scientific Committee: Ch. Bréthaut (Director), J. Balsiger, H. Dao, B. Debarbieux, G. Pflieger, M. Sahakian, L. Turley (Student representative) N. Efrancey Dao (Academic Advisor)

Guidelines for the Environment and Sustainable Development PhD

Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and Regional planning is both a profession and a field of science. As such, candidates interested in this specialization are invited to focus on the theoretical and conceptual dimensions, or the practical dimensions, such as implementation and operational issues, or to combine both.

Scientific Committee: A. Choplin (Director), N, Cantoreggi, S. Cattacin, A. Choplin, G. di Marzo, F. Giraut, L. Matthey, A. Sgard, H. Campi (Etu), N. Efrancey Dao (CAE)

Guidelines for the Urban and Regional Planning

Deadline for submission of applications and thesis topics to the Scientific Committee (indicative): December 10th and June 30th