GEDT Workshops



GEDT’s workshops have two aims, both of which help to define our identity:

  1. To act as a catalyst for synergies and to facilitate collaboration within the Hub/Institute. This means not only communicating information and exchanging ideas on existing and potential collaborations, but also developing interdisciplinary approaches.
  2. To foster the preparation of GEDT publications, conference presentations or research projects.


GEDT workshops take place once a month, from 12:15 to 13:45 on a Thursday, and each one is organized on the following lines:

  1. an individual presentation, which is then discussed by a rapporteur and those attending
  2. an in-depth group discussion on the theme of the session, with particular reference to current developments in GEDT’s research activities. This part of the workshop can provide a springboard for future collaborations

eResources: thematic e-libraries and literature watch

The workshops can be followed up through a series of e-libraries (each based on a bibliography with commentaries) covering the workshop themes; these are made available in collaboration with the ISE Documentation Centre. In addition, a GEDT e-newsletter is published quarterly.

GEDT staff and students are invited to contribute documents for inclusion in these libraries, and to comment on existing items.

After each workshop, minutes are made available, summarizing the conclusions and points raised during the session.


To benefit from the literature watch facility, you need to join an existing group:

  1. Open a Zotero account (free of charge)
  2. Join a group: On the Home page of the group selected, click on the Join Group button. The group administrator will validate your request to join. You will then be able to move these references into your personal library in order to edit them.

How to use Zotero

ISE Documentation Centre - Zotero Home page 

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Full-text access to articles is not guaranteed. The databases on the various themes contain not only free-access articles but also articles published in journals for which a subscription is needed, and so your access will depend on whether your institution has the relevant subscription. From outside the University of Geneva, UNIGE users must connect to the VPN in order to access full-text articles from subscription journals.