Terms and Conditions

Geneva Summer Schools Definition

  • Geneva Summer Schools (hereinafter: the GSS) are short-term training courses offered by the University of Geneva during the summer break covering several courses across multiple disciplines.
  • GSS are provided by the University of Geneva in-person, through online teaching platforms, or in a co-modal format (blended learning)
  • Description of GSS and the courses are available at the following link: https://www.unige.ch/genevasummerschools/programme/courses

Admission Requirements

Admissions Requirements to the GSS are the following:

  • Language requirement: Applicants must possess a sufficient command of the GSS instruction language to be demonstrated in their motivation letter and illustrated through studies and professional experience.
  • Studies: Applicants should:
    •  be enrolled as a student in a university-level academic institution, or
    •  have completed a higher education degree.
  • Supporting documents:
    • Motivation letter: Applicants must express their interest in the GSS in a brief motivation letter included with their online application
    • CV: Applicants must include a CV/Resume with their online application
    • Certificate of registration (external students only): A written confirmation of registration at the home university has to be added to the online application in order to be eligible for the external students fee
    • Specific requirements: Additional requirements may be requested for a GSS (i.e. specific prerequisites, letter of reference, technical know-how, practical experience, etc.). Applicants should refer to the applicable conditions on the according course page

Applications and Enrolment

  • GSS are merit-based and a limited number of places are reserved to selected candidates meeting the prerequisites.
  • Applications are evaluated upon reception of a full application, GSS enrolment takes place on a rolling basis and GSS fill up from the date applications open.
  • GSS applications can only be made through the online application tool. By submitting a GSS application, the applicant confirms having read and accepted these terms and conditions.
  • GSS applications are evaluated by the GSS Office and the GSS Course Director, who reserve the right to deny access to a GSS if the applicant does not satisfy the Admission Requirements.
  • The GSS Office notifies the applicants of their admission or refusal to the GSS in writing.
  • Once admitted to the GSS, it is only upon reception of the full tuition payment that an applicant is considered formally enrolled and their place in the GSS is secured.


  • External students can choose the course and housing package and apply through the GSS Office for a single room at the Cité universitaire of Geneva, if so indicated on the course page of their choice.
  • Only a limited number of rooms are available for some specific courses. All applications are handled on a first-come first-served basis and room assignments will be subject to availability.

Tuition Fees and Payment

  • Tuition fees are as advertised on the website and can only be paid through the online payment method in Swiss Francs (CHF).
  • Tuition fees must be paid within the period communicated in the admission email and no later than one month prior to the GSS start date. If payment is not made in due time, GSS Office reserves the right to cancel the admission and assign the place to another applicant.
  • A non-refundable administrative fee of CHF 100 is included in the tuition fees.
  • University of Geneva students enrolled in a degree-seeking program at bachelor, master’s or Ph.D. level benefit from a preferential price.
  • The tuition fees that apply to continuing education students at the University of Geneva are subject to further criteria (i.e. employment status) and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Duties and Obligations of the Participant

  • The participant shall comply with all the regulations applicable to the University of Geneva. The GSS Office reserves the right to exclude any participant who fails to comply with said regulations. In that case, the emolument will not be reimbursed to the participant.
  • GSS participants will not obtain the status of a formally enrolled student at the University of Geneva.
  • Considering the preferential fees offered to University of Geneva students, GSS Office expects them to act as ambassadors of the university community and to make proof of a positive and welcoming learning environment. GSS Office may ask them to complete some additional tasks during the summer school in order to assist the guest lecturers and the external participants during their stay at their convenience.

Certificate and Transcript

  • A Certificate of Completion will be issued by the GSS Office to all participants attending a course, if they satisfy the GSS attendance requirements. Each participant receives one hard copy and a soft copy on the last day of the course. No additional hard copies will be provided later. Online summer schools only provide soft copies.
  • Some courses may include a final evaluation. These evaluations are optional. The GSS Office may provide to the participants a transcript, upon request, indicating the equivalency of the ECTS points earned, as well as a grade (between 0 and 6) or the mention pass/fail, according to Swiss standards.

ECTS Credits

  • The number of equivalences in ECTS credits is mentioned in the description of the GSS program and determined according to the standards applicable to the University of Geneva.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to verify if the ECTS credits of the GSS may be validated in the program pursued at their home university prior to participating in the GSS. The University of Geneva will not be held responsible if the ECTS credits cannot be validated at the home university.
  • In principle, University of Geneva students currently enrolled may not validate the ECTS credits obtained at GSS in their academic cursus at the University of Geneva, unless the GSS of their choice is part of their study plan.

Cancellation by the University of Geneva

  • The GSS Office reserves the right to cancel a GSS due to unexpected reasons. The cancellation will be communicated to participants on the website and by email without delay.
  • In that case, tuition fees - excluding the CHF 100 administrative fees - will be refunded to the participant.
  • Travel and accommodation fees will not be refunded by the GSS Office and are the sole responsibility of the participants, who should keep this in mind when making travel and/or accommodation arrangements.

Cancellation by the Participant

  • If a participant cancels enrolment, interrupts the GSS or ends it prematurely, the costs are as follows:
  • If the participant cancels more than four weeks before the start of the GSS, he/she will have to pay 50% of the full course fee, plus the CHF 100 administrative fee;
  • If the participant cancels within four weeks of the start of the GSS or during the GSS, tuition fees (including the administrative fee) will not be refunded.

Insurance and other costs

  • Participants attending the GSS in person are responsible for purchasing the appropriate insurances (including but not limited to civil liability, accident and health insurance) for the GSS length.
  • Participants shall assume all the costs associated with their participation to the GSS (including but not limited to accommodation, travel, living expenses).
  • GSS Office strongly recommends all participants to get full travel insurance coverage.

Waiver of Responsibility

  • The liability of the University of Geneva, whether in contract or in tort, under any warranty, is limited to gross negligence or willful misconduct of a collaborator of the University of Geneva within the scope of its official functions for the institution. All further liability, notably for indirect and consequential losses are excluded.

Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

  • Any dispute in relation to the GSS that cannot be resolved amicably shall be exclusively resolved by the Courts of Geneva under Swiss Law.

Entry into force

  • These regulations have been adopted by the Rectorate and entered into force on 20 April 2020. They have been updated on 13 November 2023.
  • They may be updated at any time.

Regulation reviewed and updated on 13 November 2023.