R-programming for Data Science

Special offer :

Apply to the following two summer schools and get a 15% discount (see details under Tuition fees)

The statistical software R has come into prominence due to its flexibility as an efficient language that builds a bridge between software development and data analysis. For example, one strength of R is the facility to develop and quickly adapt to the different needs coming from the data management and analysis community while at the same time making use of other languages in order to deliver computationally efficient solutions. The general goals of the course are:

  • introduce tools and workflow for reproducible research (R/RStudio, Git/GitHub, etc.);
  • introduce principles of tidy data and tools for data wrangling;
  • exploit data structures to appropriately manage data, computer memory and computations;
  • data manipulation through controls, instructions, and tailored functions;
  • develop new software tools including functions, Shiny applications, and packages;
  • manage software development process including version control, documentation (with embedded code), and dissemination for other users;
  • introduce the most recent SAS analytics tools (free access) with R and Python integration, through business related case studies.

Most of the course content can be found at https://smac-group.github.io/ds/

Course credits

equivalence of 3 ECTS credits

Target Audience

Students with interests in analytics methods and numerical sciences.

This course is designed for:

  • master/Ph. D. students
  • professionals engaged in data science/data analytics for business and others.

Extended Deadline 31 May 2019

  • Tuition fees: CHF 1350*
  • External students : CHF 990*
  • UNIGE students (limited number of places): CHF 300* No more places available for UNIGE students.
  • UNIGE students: FREE for master and Ph. D. students of the GSEM ( + mandatory CHF 100 adminitrative fees) No more places available

*Including 100 CHF non refundable administrative fees

Facilitated application requirements for this specifc course:

  • Motivation letter (Mandatory)
  • CV (Optional)
  • Reference letter (Not required. Please upload an empty word document instead.)

Special offer : apply to the following two summer schools and get a discount of 15%

Special offer : tuition fees

  • Tuition fees: CHF 2000*
  • External students : CHF 1700*
  • UNIGE students : CHF 500*


  • Please apply online to both Summer Schools and mention in your motivation letter that you applied to both summer schools. You can use the same CV, reference letter and motivation letter for both applications.
  • You will be granted the special offer mentioned above only if we receive your two applications: one for Policy Evaluation and the other one for R-programming for Data Science.
  • Please note that you will receive two invoices (one for each application, the two invoices you will receive will match the above mentioned fees).

*Including 100 CHF non refundable administrative fees

Faculty & Staff

Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser, director

Prof. Stéphane Guerrier, principal teacher

Markus Grau, SAS

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