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Andrea Gallorini

Mr Andrea Gallorini

Former PhD Student

I am a geologist specialized in geochemistry with analytical experience in both gaseous and aqueous matrixes. During my master course of study, and especially during my master thesis work, I took part in many sampling campaigns. Most of them were conducted in Italy (Vulcano Island, Campi Flegrei, Vesuvius) and consisted in sampling of waters, fumaroles and soil gases, therefore I’ve gathered a considerable experience in this kind of field work. Moreover, I’ve sampled the waters and the dissolved gases (CO2, CH4) of five lakes in Sao Miguel Island (Azores) in order to obtain a complete biogeochemical characterization of these peculiar environments. During this work, I also learn to use many sampling and analytical method meant to investigate liquid and gaseous phases such as ionic and gaseous chromatography, potentiometric titration, atomic absorption and X-ray fluorescence. The mentioned work also led to my master thesis.

Since May 2017, I hold a PhD position in the Limnology and Environmental Geology group at the Department F.-A. Forel. My present research is focused on the methylation of mercury in freshwater and its occurrence in the oxic layers of the Geneva lake, which is taken as a case study. The main goals of this project are: i) determine the overall production of MeHg from the dispersed sediment particles in the aerobic layers; ii) determine and analyze in detail the biotic and abiotic mechanisms of production, with a special focus on bacteria like SRB and IRB; iii) identify the best sampling and analytical methods in order to obtain the most realistic data possible avoiding any kind of induced physical-chemical condition or artifact data.

Former collaborators