Competence Centers


The research projects of the Geneva Center for Corporate Governance relate to strategic management for boards of directors and owners, ownership types and structures, the role, structure, and composition of boards of directors, board leadership structures, and more generally innovations in corporate governance. Current research projects are the following:

  • Executive Board Chairs
    This research project focuses on the executive board chair, a hybrid corporate governance structure that has become increasingly prevalent. The project is funded by a three-year Swiss NSF grant. For details see:

  • Outsider Board Chairs
    When do firms benefit from appointing a board chair from outside of the firm?

  • Collaboration between CEO and Board Chair
    How do CEOs and Board Chairs effectively collaborate?

Selected Publications

Hoerl, R. W., Kuonen, D., & Redman, T. C. (2020)
To Succeed With Data Science, First Build the ‘Bridge’.
MIT Sloan Management Review.

Klarner, P., Probst, G., & Kircher M. (2020)
Corporate Governance 4.0. The forward-looking board of directors.
Deloitte and Swiss Board Institute (available in English and French)

Klarner, P., Probst, G., & Useem, M. (2020)
Opening the black box: Unpacking board involvement in innovation.
Strategic Organization, 18(4), 487–519.

Kunisch, S., Menz, M., & Cannella Jr., A. A. (2019)
The CEO as a key microfoundation of global strategy: Task demands, CEO origin, and the CEO's international background.
Global Strategy Journal, 9(1), 1941.

Kunisch, S., Menz, M., & Langan, R. (2020)
Chief digital officers: An exploratory analysis of their emergence, nature, and determinants.
Long Range Planning.

Schmitt, G., Probst, G., & Tushman, M. (2020)
The Role of the Board Chair During a Crisis.
MIT Sloan Management Review.

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