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The current research projects of the Center for Innovation & Partnerships relate to three main topics: ecosystems for scaling digital solutions, organizing innovation in bureaucratic organizations, and global partnerships across sectors.

Future topics include bias and ethics in socially oriented Artificial Intelligence projects, uncovering the tensions of innovations spinning out of the UN, and a strong focus on the intersection of partnerships, innovation, and ecosystems for solving the SDGs.

Discover current research projects
  • Canova, L., Tatarinov, K., Ambos, T. (2021). An Evolutionary Process Model for Innovation Microstructures. (Working Paper)
  • Tatarinov, K., Very, M., Ambos, T., Puranam, P. (2021). Biases and Social Venture Funds: What can the Private Sector Learn? (Working Paper)
  • Faul, M. V. and O. E. Welply. Practices of multistakeholder partnerships: An institutional logics approach (Working paper).
  • Faul, M. V. and J. Tchilingirian. Opening up or locking in? Multistakeholder global governance and the structuring of spaces between fields. (Working paper) 
  • Tatarinov, K., Ambos, T., Birkinshaw, J. (2021). The Relational Value of Innovation Units. (Working paper) 



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  • Faul, M. V., Tchilingirian, J. S. (2020). Structuring the Interstitial Space of Global Financing Partnerships for Sustainable Development: A Network Analysis. New Political Economy
Discover previous research
  • Stadtler, L., Karakulak, O. (2020) Broker Organizations to Facilitate Cross-Sector Collaboration: At the Crossroad of Strengthening and Weakining Effects. Public Administration Review, 80(3): 360-380. 
  • O'Brien, D., Sharkey Scott, P., Andersson, U., Ambos, T., & Fu, N. (2019). The microfoundations of subsidiary initiatives: how subsidiary-manager activities unlock entrepreneurship. Global Strategy Journal, 9 (1), 66-91.
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