Master's programs


1. May I register for several programs?

Yes, any candidate may apply to several programs. Important: Please send one enrollment request per Master.

2. I will obtain my Bachelor degree after the application deadline. Can I apply without it?


You may apply to a Master program without having completed your Bachelor degree.

If accepted, your application will be under the condition that you succeed and graduate before the start of the Master program in September.

3. What are the GMAT/GRE tests and TOEFL/IELTS/CAE?


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test in English, which evaluates the main skills required to study management. This test is frequently requested to access business schools.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is also a standardized test in English, which evaluates verbal and qualitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills. It is a test often required for graduate studies in various fields.

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) are three standardized tests, which evaluate the capacity to use and understand the English language in a university context for non-native English speakers. The TOEFL was created by an American organization, whereas IELTS and CAE were created by British institutions.

4. Do you accept test results (GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS/CAE) over 5 years old?


The GRE and GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.

The TOEFL and IELTS results are valid for 2 years.

However, we recommend adding your previous scores (older than 5 and 2 years) to your application file with your most recent score.

The CAE does not have an expiration date. However, if it is older than 2 years, please submit proof that you have been practicing English since completing the test.

5. I will retake the GMAT/GRE after the deadline, can I send my score after 28 February?


No, unfortunately, we do not accept documents after the deadline. The Scientific Committee will review only complete applications. Be sure to complete the checklist for each Master program you are applying for and make sure all the required documents are present.

However, at the end of the test, you can print out the unofficial score and add it to your application file.

6. I have problems with my enrollment procedure, whom should I contact?


All questions regarding enrolment at the University of Geneva should be sent to the Admissions Office via the online platform admissions.unige.ch.

7. I did not collect all requested documents, can I still submit an online application and provide the documents at a later stage?


No. Your request will not be processed if it is incomplete.

8. How do I apply for equivalencies?


You are entitled to request equivalencies (transfer credits) for previously completed (or not) university-level studies. You will be able to request equivalences after acceptance to a program, according to the deadlines stated in the Academic Calendar. Please submit your request via the GSEM student intranet.

9. Can I modify the documents submitted in my application after the submission?


No, you can no longer modify the submitted documents.

10. Can credits obtained for the Master’s thesis be recognized as equivalent?


No credits can be recognized as equivalent for the Master’s thesis.

11. Can credits acquired during undergraduate programs be recognized as equivalent for the Master’s I am applying for?


No. Credits acquired during undergraduate programs (i.e., programs below the Master's level) cannot be recognized for the Master's you are applying for.

12. Is knowledge of French mandatory ?


Applicants do not have to provide proof of French language knowledge as most GSEM Master courses are taught in English. However, basic knowledge of the French language is recommended if a candidate is required to follow a preliminary or complementary program, a program that may include courses taught in French.

While being an international city, Geneva is a French-speaking canton. All official administrative documents, papers, and letters are in French. Basic knowledge of this language would be helpful.

13. I wish to apply to a Master program, is my degree recognized by the University of Geneva?


The University of Geneva recognizes foreign university programs that are similar to those existing in Switzerland (i.e. minimum 3-year Bachelor program, 180 ECTS credits, and a public institution).

The institutions must be listed in the following reference publications as public institutions with a university status: World Higher Education DatabaseUnited Kingdom National Information Centre, and Anabin.

In some cases, the University of Geneva may recognize certain private universities, such as those with whom institutional agreements exist. The private institutions must offer academic programs in different fields (for example in science and/or medicine) and must be able to deliver up to Ph.D. academic degrees.

> For more information: https://www.unige.ch/admissions/en/informations/hei


14. When do courses start?

At the beginning of the academic year in September. There is no Spring intake. The Academic Calendar provides key dates and general information.

15. How do I register to follow a course in another school?

If you are GSEM student and you wish to register for a course outside the faculty, you must register online via the portal.unige.ch.

Exception: if the course you are considering is not part of your study plan, you must register via the GSEM student intranet.

Please note that for the courses of the Faculty of Humanities, in all cases, you must register via the GSEM student intranet AND via the Faculty of Humanities, with the Student Services of the Faculty concerned within the deadlines set by the latter.

16. When are the exams dates published?


The exam schedule is available, at the earliest, 2 weeks before the session. It is available on the GSEM website and on the portal. Once these dates are published, please check the portal on a regular basis, as the schedule may be subject to updates. It is useless to contact the Faculty to know your schedule before that, it will not be available and no answer can be given to you.

17. How do I request an extension of the duration of my studies?

For a 90 ECTS credits Master program, you have a minimum of 3 semesters and a maximum of 5 to complete your program. For a 120 ECTS credits Master program, you have a minimum of 4 semesters and a maximum of 6 to complete the program.

If for justifiable reasons, you are unable to finish your Master within the deadline, you may request an extension at least 1 month before the start of the semester concerned.

The request for extension of studies should be motivated in a letter addressed to the Scientific Committe and sent to the following address:

      GSEM - Student Services
      Attention Scientific Committee of the Master in ...
      Uni Mail - Bureau 3287 A
      Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40
      CH 1211 Genève 4

18. How to declare an absence to an exam?

Absence due to sickness or accident:

In case of sickness or accident during the exam session, you should complete the form ‘Avis d’absence à un examen’ through the GSEM Student Intranet and provide GSEM Students Services with the original medical certificate within 3 days following the exam.

If the reason for absence is accepted, the absence is then considered as accepted and is registered as a “justified absence”.

In case of sickness or accident during the semester:
If you feel unable to prepare for your exam under the best conditions and wish to benefit from a "justified absence", you must present a medical certificate before the exam session indicating the reason for your inability to sit the exam.

Absence for other reasons

For any other reason for absence to an exam (case de force majeure), a letter with supporting documents should be posted to the Scientific Committee within 3 days after the occurrence of the case de force majeure. If the reason is accepted, the absence is then considered as accepted and is registered as “justified absence”.

The postal letter should be addressed as follows:

      GSEM - Student Services
      Attention Scientific Committee of the Master in (...)
      Uni Mail - Bureau 3287 A
      Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40
      CH 1211 Genève 4

"Excused" students do not lose an “attempt” (tentative).

19. How do I apply for a leave of absence?


If you wish to temporarily suspend your studies, you may obtain a leave of absence whilst remaining registered « immatriculé » at the University. A leave of absence is possible for one or two semesters. Depending on the degree followed, this request may be renewable.

During the leave of absence, you will be requested to pay a partial tax of CHF 65.- per semester but will not be authorized to sit exams. A leave of absence semester(s) is not taken into account in the total duration of your studies.

The request is addressed by letter to the Dean at the following address:

      GSEM - Student Services
      Attention Dean Markus Menz
      Uni Mail - Bureau 3287 A
      Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40
      CH 1211 Genève 4

In order to be processed, the letter and the "Formulaire de demande de congé" form (available through the GSEM Student Intranet) must be received by GSEM Student Services according to the deadlines stated in the Academic Calendar. 

20. I would like to have an additional course removed from my transcript. Is this possible?


No, all courses appear on the transcript. However, an additional course in which you were absent, excused or failed will not have any impact on your degree.

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