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Student Representatives


Jaina Duperrex

Student Committee 

I am a student in the Sustainable Societies and Social Change Master Programme at Geneva University. In 2022, I completed a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. International cooperation and the European Union are essential for me to tackle our actual challenges. The 4EU+ programme presents a great opportunity. Indeed, it engages with global challenges and make collaborative projects as well as concrete impacts. Participating in this program, allows to gain valuable insights, skills, experiences, networks and make a collective work towards a brighter future. I am excited to embark on this new experience which promises to enrich me and bring valuable skills for my future career! 




Mara Probst

Student Committee 

Hi, my name is Mara and I am a masters student in International and European Law at the University of Geneva. I am also part of the 4EU+ Alliance student committee.

The 4EU+ Alliance enables students to connect with each other from all around Europe on a personal and academical level. These connections are what strengthen this alliance and make it so special. The position as students’ representative is a unique opportunity for me to work on projects that span across borders, while meeting likeminded people representing their universities. I am looking forward to this new experience!




Philippe Voruz

Student Committee 

Philippe Voruz completed an MSc. in Advanced Research in Psychology (cognitive and affective sciences) at the University of Geneva in 2019 and is currently completing his doctorate at the Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Julie Péron, in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Geneva. His thesis focuses on the impact of motor symptom lateralization in Parkinson's disease on cognition and emotion. He is also involved in the COVID-COG project, which aims to study the long-term neuropsychological consequences of SARS-CoV-2 infection. In parallel with his research activities, he also carries out clinical neuropsychological activities in the neurosurgery department of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).




Student Ambassadors



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