Pivot-RP User guide

How to update your Pivot-RP profil

Update your profile to increase the number of funding opportunities available to you, promote yourself as a potential collaborator and receive relevant funding alerts directly to your inbox.

Access your profile from the dashboard home page or the Profiles tab, where "Your profile" appears. New users will see the "Claim your profile" page. Once you've claimed your profile, you can edit it.

The most important elements of your profile are

  •     Middle names and aliases used for publication
  •     Links to sites such as your personal web page or CV
  •     Keywords related to your research interests.

These elements will help you receive the most relevant alerts and recommendations from funding consultants, and optimize Pivot-RP's automated citation links to your publications.

How to carry out a basic search for possible financing options

The best place to start is the "Financing" tab. It offers several ways to discover the opportunities most relevant to you. The "Search in all fields" function supports Boolean queries.

The "Search by funders" function lets you search by the name of a funding source, or use these links to browse funders listed alphabetically.

The "Search by keywords" function lets you search by the terms used by Pivot-RP to catalog funding opportunities. You can select several keywords for each search.

Another way of selecting keywords is to enter a term, for example "biotechnology", and Pivot-RP will display a drop-down list of all the places where it has been found.

How to navigate the funding search results

When you perform a funding search in Pivot-RP, either from the basic search box or from the advanced search page, the funding opportunities that match your search appear on the funding results page.

On the left-hand side of the funding results page are filters you can use to refine your search, including recent additions, funding types, funder country, funder type, and so on.

Funding opportunities are sorted by relevance, which means that the opportunities at the top of the page are those that, according to Pivot-RP's automated algorithms, best match your search parameters.

Pivot-RP matches funding opportunities with researcher profiles to help you find potential collaborators within the UNIGE and beyond.

Advanced search for funding opportunities in Pivot-RP

Advanced search lets you use a variety of pre-search filters to find opportunities that match your interests.

Pivot-RP will search for opportunities that match all the text fields you are about to enter, or any criteria. This changes the search between a Boolean AND and a Boolean OR.

At the top of the results list, Pivot-RP displays the details of the search you've just performed. If you're satisfied with your search, you can save it. This will enable you to obtain the latest search results at any time, without having to re-enter the search filters.

You can also ask Pivot-RP to send you an alert each time new opportunities matching your saved advanced search are added.

Managing financing opportunities

You can save and track the individual financing opportunities that interest you.

Pivot-RP will automatically alert you if an opportunity you are following changes (new deadline, updated eligibility conditions, etc.).

The Advisor is a powerful tool that enables Pivot-RP to find opportunities for you based on your Pivot-RP profile.

Once you've created a profile, the Pivot-RP Advisor starts recommending opportunities that match that profile.

You can choose to receive a weekly e-mail from Pivot-RP whenever the Advisor finds new opportunities matching your profile.

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