Research grants office

Comprising scientific assistants specialized by type of research project (individual, collaborative, infrastructure and innovation), the RGO is able to support you in the administrative and procedural management of your competitively-funded research projects, regardless of the funding source.

We support all UNIGE researchers, whatever their faculty and at every stage of their career, from post-doctorate onwards.

We are also available to non-academic research players in the canton of Geneva to support innovation.

Grants / Calls for projects

All UNIGE researchers are eligible to apply for competitive funding.

For project funding, researchers who are not professors or MER must submit a waiver signed by their supervisor and validated by the Rectorate.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Switzerland is currently considered a non-associated third country in the Horizon Europe research and innovation framework program and related programs and initiatives.

This status applies to calls for projects from 2021 to 2024. Nevertheless, Swiss researchers can participate in a large number of calls for projects, including all collaborative projects funded by SERI. They cannot, however, coordinate projects.

You can find a summary of the eligibility criteria for Swiss researchers here.

For further information, please contact us.

The UNIGE PIC to be used in the European portal is: 999974650. Please do not enter the PIC of a faculty, department, institute or center, as this is an institutional number.

Under the general and specific agreements covering scientific collaboration between the HUG and the UNIGE, such applications must always be submitted using the UNIGE affiliation, except when the project in question concerns exclusively a clinical research project. In the case of a translational project, the decision is made on the basis of the project's main characteristics.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

In principle, any research collaboration with one or more external partners must be formalized by a written agreement signed by a member of the rectorate. Please contact the RGO as soon as the project has been submitted to the funding agency. We will be happy to inform you of the procedure to follow.

As a UNIGE researcher, you could be an attractive target for foreign intelligence services. Before formalizing a partnership, the Rectorate therefore recommends that you carry out a risk self-assessment to help you measure the threat of espionage and the potential for abuse of the knowledge and know-how transmitted in the teaching, research and administration of the institutions mentioned. You can find this self-assessment here: unige.ch/international. Where risks are minimal, this approach is considered sufficient. In such cases, the contract can be signed. If not, a group of experts will guide you through the next steps. This group can be contacted by writing to Olivier.Vincent(at)unige.ch


We will support you in drawing up your budget by providing you with a calculator that complies with the specific requirements of funding agencies, and by advising you on the eligibility and classification of project costs. 


Briefly, the steps involved in accepting funds are as follows. The foundation in question will first be validated and we will ask you to complete a short "compliance self check". If you are not a Professor or MER, you will need to submit a waiver attesting to your faculty's support. The Rectorate will validate this request with our Service Department by return e-mail, and the funds will be transferred. We advise you to contact us as soon as you receive a positive response from the foundation, and we will help you with the necessary formalities.
Through SERI, Switzerland provides funding for Swiss-based researchers whose European collaborative projects have been positively evaluated by the European Commission. The RGO works regularly with SERI and is available to help you apply for such funding. Contact us.


First of all, congratulations on your achievement! We can help you. Indeed, we support young researchers from the post-doctoral stage onwards. The SSR pays particular attention to supporting the next generation of academics and young researchers. Contact us to explore the various sources of post-doctoral funding.

Absolutely! Our team is made up of project management specialists as well as former researchers who will be delighted to discuss your career development. Contact us to arrange a meeting, during which we'll explore the various options available to you, based on your profile and motivations.

Welcome to UNIGE! Yes, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as you arrive, or from outside once your appointment has been confirmed.

To help you calculate your academic age, taking into account all the factors that influence it (maternity, paternity, continuing education, etc.), the SNSF has published a practical guide that you can find here:

SNSF brochure - Academic age (PDF)

Of course we do. Our team is made up of specialists from the major funding agencies. Please contact SSR with a brief description of your project and your experience.

The SSR is responsible for preparing and collecting your "Letter of Commitment" for signature by the Rectorate.

Please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Individual Project They will explain the detailed procedure for each instrument.