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The 9th European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2021-2027) - Horizon Europe - contributes to strengthen the knowledge and technology basis to tackle European and Global societal, environmental and economic challenges.

Horizon Europe was adopted and published in May 2021 with retroactive entry into force on 1 January 2021. It is the largest public EU R&I funding initiative ever, with a budget of almost € 100 billion € (95.5 billion €). Furthermore, the following R&I-relevant European programmes have been adopted: EURATOM Research/Training Programme, Digital Europe Programme.

Horizon Europe includes three main pillars and one horizontal sub-programme, building upon the most successful components of its predecessor programme Horizon 2020 (2014-2020), and offering opportunities for bottom-up and top-down, individual and collaborative, and basic to applied/market-orientated research:


 Horizon Europe introduces also some novel structural elements, such as the “Missions” (bold societal objectives) and “European Partnerships” (EU-wide co-programming/funding) mainly implemented through the clusters of Pillar 2, all related to the new overall programme design approach implemented through the multiannual Strategic Plans (2021-2024, 2025-2027). Also, the European Innovation Council becomes an integral part of the programme within the innovation/market-orientated Pillar 3. Furthermore, Open Science is the new modus operandi in Horizon Europe and administrative simplifications are implemented to reduce red tape.

The participation status of Switzerland as an “associated country” in Horizon Europe is still the objective of the Swiss Federal Council / SERI. However, for the moment being Switzerland participates as an « non-associated (high-income) third country » in all 2021 calls for projects.
Despite some limitations, Horizon Europe still offers major opportunities in many calls for projects:

  • Collaborative projects : Swiss participation as « associated partners » (instead of « beneficiaries »), fully funded by SERI (instead of EC) – see “SERI Financial Guarantee”, “SERI Guidelines for financial reporting” link below ;
  • Individual grants/fellowships (ERC, MSCA) : Swiss participation possible in ERC Synergy Grants and MSCA Global Fellowships (host for outgoing phase), but Swiss institutions not eligible for ERC Advanced Grants and MSCA European Fellowships; Swiss national replacement schemes for ERC AdG 2021 and MSCA European Fellowships through SERI/FNS have been set-up by SERI/SNSF in late September 2021 – see key links below.


For full information on Horizon Europe and project submissions, please refer to our special web page with key links and documents. If you are preparing a participation in Horizon Europe, we strongly suggest to contact us for up-to-date information and advice.

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