Who We Are

SNF Research Group at the University of Geneva


Welcome to the webpage of the new SNF Professorship research group: "Galaxy Build-up at Cosmic Dawn" at the University of Geneva. Our research is focused on understanding the build-up and assembly of the first generations of galaxies from a panchromatic observational study. In particular we use very deep imaging and spectroscopy from the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, in addition to ground-based follow-up with Keck, VLT, ALMA, and NOEMA. This allows us to study large samples of the galaxies and trace their mass build-up out to z~10, when the Universe was less than 500 Myr old.

A main focus of our work will be to exploit the currently available data to prepare for the advent of the James Webb Space Telescope, which will completely revolutionize our view of early galaxies and for the first time provide a complete census of the galaxy population in the very early universe.

You can find a list of our team members here.

We are currently seeking applications for both postdoc and PhD positions. See our news page.


Illustration of the different wavelengths and quantities probed by different telescopes we are using and plan to use in the future for a complete census and a comprehensive understanding of the first generations of galaxies.