Scientific Collaborations

  • RASCAS in SPHINX: predictions of observables from simulated galaxies from the SPHINX project (PI Joki Rosdahl,  with Jeremy Blaizot, Taysun Kimm, Harley Katz)
  • HST observations of Green Pea galaxies: the team is part of several ongoing HST programs to detect LyC emission from Green Pea galaxies, as well as other proposed indirect indicators of LyC leakage. 
  • MUSE GTO science team: the team is working on several projects using the 255 nights of observations with MUSE on the VLT. 
  • LARS: the team is part of the Lyman Alpha Reference Survey, HST imaging and spectroscopy of the Lyman-alpha properties of ~50 local star-forming galaxies. 
  • Amused: Astrosat+MUSE collaboration to search for LyC leakers at z~1

Instrument-related Projects

  • BlueMUSE: the team is part of the BlueMUSE consortium.