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Publication 142  

  1. Absolute Configuration and Enantiodifferentiation of a Hemicryptophane Incorporating an Azaphosphatrane Moiety
    Elina Payet, Pascal Dimitrov-Raytchev, Bastien Chatelet, Laure Guy, Stéphane Grass, Jérôme Lacour, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez
    Chirality 2012, 24, 1077-1081

The hemicryptophane racemate (±)-M-1, P-1 was optically resolved by semipreparative HPLC on Chiralpak IC column. The absolute configuration of each isolated enantiomer was established from the analysis of their electronic circular dichroism spectra. Enantiodifferentiation of the chiral cationic cage (±)-M-1, P-1 was evidenced in solution using Δ-TRISPHAT as chiral solvating agent, and the diastereomeric associations were observed in 1H and 31P NMR spectra.

DOI: 10.1002/chir.22100 

open archive unige:24310