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Publication 72  

  1. Chiral Spiro Cu(I) Complexes. Supramolecular Stereocontrol and Isomerisation Dynamics by Use of TRISPHAT Anions
    Virginie Hebbe-Viton, Valérie Desvergnes, Jonathan J. Jodry, Christiane Dietrich-Buchecker, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Jérôme Lacour
    Dalton Trans. 2006, 2058-2065
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Association of enantiopure TRISPHAT anion (1) with chiral spiro [Cu(LL′)2] complexes (LL′ = 2-R-phen, 2, 6-R-bpy, 3, and 2-iminopyridine, 4) leads to an efficient NMR enantiodifferentiation. Variable temperature 1H NMR spectroscopy has been used to determine the isomerisation kinetics of these pseudo-tetrahedral complexes and to evaluate their configurational stability; the latter depending on the structure of the diimine ligands. In the case of the 2-anthracenyl-phen derivative, a decent level of supramolecular stereocontrol was noted (d.e. up to 45%); the configuration of the complex being determined by electronic circular dichroism (ECD).


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