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Publication 82  

  1. Effective HPLC resolution of [4]heterohelicenium dyes on chiral stationary phases using reversed phase eluents
    Claudio Villani, Benoît Laleu, Pierre Mobian, Jérôme Lacour
    Chirality 2007, 19, 601-606

[4]Heterohelicenium cations 1a–c adopt a twisted helical structure that renders them chiral. They are configurationally stable and their enantiomers have been resolved, for the first time, by HPLC on Chiralcel OD-RH and Chirobiotic TAG chiral stationary phases (CSPs). Chiral cations 1a–c have been resolved by HPLC using water-based eluents containing KPF6 as additive. The elution order of the analyte enantiomers was determined by on-line CD detection, and was found to be opposite on the two CSPs. The effect of mobile phase composition and analyte structure on retention and enantioselectivity was investigated.

DOI: 10.1002/chir.20345 

open archive unige:7741