International workshops

2nd IUGG-WMO workshop on

Ash dispersal forecast and civil aviation

November 18-20, 2013
Geneva, Switzerland

Volcanic plume Volcanic cloud Numerical simulation
Main objectives of the workshop
  1. To review and institutionalize the interaction between meteorological, atmospheric, volcanological, modelling and remote sensing communities.
  2. To develop strategies for a closer working relationship and further collaboration between the aviation industry and the scientific community.
  3. To document progress from 2010 Geneva meeting.
  4. To identify best practice modelling strategies to support operational implementation.
  5. To identify and develop concepts to address current challenges.

Day 1:

  • Progress since 2010 and ongoing projects (e.g., FUTUREVOLC, VANAHEIM, EVOSS, VAST, SACS2, SMASH, VIPR)
  • Operational response to recent eruptions: practice and challenges

Day 2:

  • Theoretical and observational plume, sedimentation and ESP characterization (e.g. mass eruption rate, particle size distribution, mass distribution, resuspension, particle aggregation)

Day 3:

  • Far-range source term characterization and dispersal modelling (e.g., data assimilation, inversion modelling, ensemble strategies, SO2 modelling)
Organizing Committee

Costanza Bonadonna, Earth and Environmental Sciences Section, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Arnau Folch, Dpt. Computer Applications in Science and Engineering, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Sue Loughlin, British Geological Survey, UK

Matthew Hort, London VAAC, UK

Peter Webley, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA, AVO, WOVO

Herbert Puempel, WMO, Aeronautical Meteorology Division