ReproducibiliTea Journal Club

The ReproducibiliTea Journal Club at the University of Geneva takes place every first Friday of the month at 3pm IN PERSON (7th of October, 4th of November, and 2nd of December)

The ReproducibiliTea Journal Club concept is a grassroots journal club initiative that helps researchers create local Open Science journal clubs at their universities to discuss diverse issues, papers, and ideas about improving science, reproducibility, and the Open Science movement. Starting in early 2018 at the University of Oxford, ReproducibiliTea has now spread to 140 institutions in 27 different countries. They are completely volunteer-run and provide a unique and supportive community for our members, who are predominantly Early Career Researchers. In January 2021, Beatrice Valentini and Caro Hautekiet started a ReproducibiliTea Journal club at the University of Geneva together with Campus Biotech as part of our local node of the SwissRN.

If you have any questions, feel free to write us an e-mail: caro.hautekiet(at) or beatrice.valentini(at)

Atumn 2022

This semester, we will host three ReproducibiliTea journal clubs IN PERSON on the 7th of October, 4th of November, and 2nd of December at 3 pm (see poster below for more details). If you would like to stay up-to-date with the ReproducibiliTea Journal Club and/or the activities of the local node of the SwissRN @UNIGE, you can join our slack space (you can send an email to caro.hautekiet(at) for the link or more information).

ReproJC Autumn 2022.jpg

Past semesters

In the first semester (Spring 2021), we had four journal clubs (see our Spring 2021 program) including one with special guest Sophia Crüwell who is investigating the replication crisis in psychology.

In the second semester (Fall 2021), we invited three of our members (Alberto Antonietti, Philippe Schneider, and Ursa Bernardic) to choose a paper and lead the discussion in four journal clubs (see our Fall 2021 program).

In the third semester (Spring 2022), we again invited three of our members to choose a paper and host the discussions (see our Spring 2022 program). The discussants of this semester are Caro Hautekiet (ReproducibiliTea organizer), Stéphanie Jeanneret, Irene Balboni, and Neele Heiser (see our Spring 2022 program).