Slack workspace for questions

In our Slack workspace, you will discover that we have separate channels for different purposes. For example, in the ‘general’ channel, general announcements are posted as well as a place to share training activities, workshops, and other relevant events or materials. Furthermore, we have three dedicated channels for ‘forum_preregistration’, ‘forum_registered-report’, and ‘forum_replication’ for specific questions, problems, and information concerning these topics. Additionally, there is a dedicated channel to the ‘journal-club-reproducibilitea’ in which we post announcements concerning the journal club. If you have any questions or you would like to join our Slack workspace, please contact Johanna Hein (Johanna.Hein(at)

The ReproducibiliTea Journal Club @ Geneva

The ReproducibiliTea Journal Club at the University of Geneva together with Campus Biotech is part of the broader ReproducibiliTea community and is a journal club organized voluntarily by Abigail Licata and Johanna Hein (also see the 'ReproducibiliTea' page). The journal club is organized once per month throughout the semester (the Spring 2024 program will be shared soon or follow us on Twitter to remain up to date: @ReprTea_Geneva). During the journal club, a relevant paper about reproducibility or open science is discussed. Additionally, we talk about our own experiences with reproducibility and open science practices and help/advise each other on potential problems. Currently, the Journal Club takes place in person at the University of Geneva, however, if you are interesting in joining online, we can set up a hybrid session.If you would like to have more information about the ReproducibiliTea Journal Club and how you can join, you can contact us by private message on X (formerly Twitter) (@ReprTea_Geneva) or send an email to Johanna.Hein(at) or Abigail.Licata(at)

UNIGE library 

Next to our above-described collaboration, the UNIGE Library organizes other great workshops and information sessions among which some are very relevant for good practices in research (see below). For questions concerning any of the below-described workshops/information sessions, please contact the UNIGE library team directly.

Short information sessions (online)

If would like to know more about the UNIGE Archive Ouverte, check out this 15-minute online information session in French or English (click here). 

If you are ready to submit an article, but you would like to know more about 'Open Acces' before doing so, check out this 15-minute online information session in French (click here). 

Don’t know what ‘Creative Commons License’ is? Make sure to attend this 15-minute online information session in French (click here).  

You are a researcher and you don’t know what an ORCID profile is? In short, an ORCID profile is a digital identifier to distinguish you from every other researcher. Nowadays, some journals ask you to have an ORCID profile upon publication of an article. If you would like to know more about this, check out this 15-minute online information session in French or English (click here). If you already have an ORCID profile but you would like to improve it, check out the advanced 1h30 online information session in French (click here).

Are you also frustrated when you can’t access an article without paying for it? Unpaywall might be your solution, at least it will be for many articles. Check out this 15-minute information session in French (or English; click here).