Financial Contributions

We solicit direct financial contributions from individuals, churches, scholarly organizations, and charitable foundations. Such gifts can be directed to either the St Petersburg or Sofia Library or can be made to the Eastern European Liaison Committee for distribution as needed.

The following list of contacts is provided based on the location of the donor.



Contributions in US dollars may be sent to:
The SBL--SNTS Fund for the Eastern European Biblical Libraries
Fund 704
C/o Society of Biblical Literature
PO Box 133158
Atlanta, GA 30333


Funds in US dollars may be sent directly to:
Prof. David Moessner
Treasurer, North American SNTS European Library Fund
C/o Dept. of Religion
Box 298100
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, Texas 76129 USA
NB: All money contributions are tax deductible under US tax code.

Eastern European Biblical Libraries Appeal Fund (SNTS), Acc. Nr. 255 82 96, Lloyds Bank,
Durham Branch, 19 Market Place, Durham DH1 3NL,
Bank Sort Code 30- 92-79
IBAN: GB 84 LOYD 3092 7902 5582 96


Konto Biblische Bibliotheken Regensburg
Tobias Nicklas
Commerzbank Regensburg (Filiale Prüfeninger Straße 7)
IBAN DE13 7504 0062 0410 3644 00
BLZ 750 400 62
BIC / Swift Code COBADEFF750