Master of Science in Economics

M.Sc Program Director

 Professor Jaya Krishnakumar

Scientific Committee 

 Professor Jaya Krishnakumar
 Professor Harald Hau
 Professor Tobias Müller
 Dr. Mathieu Petite, academic advisor
 Carlos de Porres, assistant representative
 Krystyna Popova,
student representative


 LAST MINUTE INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS specializing MENTION B - International Economics

The course "S413066CR - Applied Macroeconomics for Portfolio Management" given by Dr. Michel Girardin initially

planned in Spring semester 2015, will actually be taught during the current Fall semester. The course now takes place on

Tuesdays 8h15 - 10h in room M5220.

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Karen Longden Roure                                                                        
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Dr. Mathieu Petite
Academic Advisor