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PhD Econ organization and content

The PhD program lasts usually five years, including about two years of courses. The PhD in Economics and Social Sciences with a specialisation in Economics includes five steps:

  1. Pre-requisites. PhD candidates must hold an MSc in economics. Depending on the academic content of the Msc program they took, they may be requested to follow some additional courses from our MSc program in economics (taught in English) as a pre-requisite. The candidate must pass these exams within the first two semesters
  2. 1st year PhD courses.
  3. Choice of the PhD supervisor.
  4. 2nd year PhD courses.
  5. PhD dissertation. Research and writing under the supervision of the PhD advisor. In general, the format of the thesis is a collection of scientific articles. It may also be a monograph. It may be written (and defended) in either French or English.


General principles

The Phd in Economics is regulated by the Réglement d'études du doctorat en économie et management from the University of Geneva.


The PhD program and (when relevant) the pre-requisite courses are taught in English and knowledge of French is not an admission requirement. The thesis may be written in either French or English. Students are encouraged to learn and improve their French in a French speaking environment which offers plenty of opportunities to do so.