Xavier Chillier

Short Resume

Xavier Chillier got his Ph.D. at the University of Geneva in 1994, for a work done between the mass spectrometry laboratory of the Faculty and Oak Rigde National Laboratory (TN, USA). 1995-97, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University the group of R.N. Zare. In 1997-99, he worked at NASA (Goddard, Greenbelt MD/Ames Research Center (Moffett Field, CA). In 2000, he got his habilitation from University Claude Bernard (Lyon I) and was tenured professeur des Universités (CNU, Paris). In 2001, he was appointed as chargé de cours (senior lecturer). Moreover, since 2003, he is the academic advisor of the Faculty of Science and vice-president of the maturité board (swiss baccalauréat) in Bern.

Teaching Activities

His teaching activities are general chemistry for life science, pharmacy, Earth science and Environment students. The selection of chapters taught include an introduction to quantum chemistry, chemical bonds, thermodynamics and kinetics aspects of the reactions. Moreover, he teaches an introduction to the organic geochemistry for Earth Environmental Science.

Research Interests

His research is focused on structural analysis of organic molecules in sediments or in meteorites by mass spectrometry, on the development and applications of non-equilibrium thermodynamics to investigate natural matrix as biological, geochemical or atmospheric systems. Experimentalist by education, now he is working on the theoretical aspects of the auto-catalyze, the self-assembly and the systems very far from equilibrium. Now, he also writes novels as science-in-fiction kind and an essay about chemistry.

Key References

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