...How to Get to the School

School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Geneva
“Sciences II” Building
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30 Google maps
1211 Geneva 4

Fax : +41 22 379 60 23


4th floor, office 454

| +41 22 379 69 39

 | +41 22 379 69 07

President, Vice-President and Administrator

Reception only by appointment, please contact the secretariat







+41 22 379 60 26

Communication Officer and ACADEMIC Advisor

Office hours: Thursday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm during class periods and by appointment


Office 4-446A (Sciences II, 4th level)


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Rules of organization of the School of chemistry and biochemistry (in French)

Members of the Council of the chemistry and biochemistry section on 01.09.2023 (in french)

Members of the Standing Committees of the School of chemistry and biochemistry 25.10.2023 (in french)

Tacit Elections of Student Members to the Council of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Section on 01.09.2023.pdf