Table des matièresTable of contents
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Please note that if documents are available in both languages,
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Apropos de R About R
Commencer à travailler avec R Start working with R
Graphiques en R Graphics in R
Ressources R Resources for R
Differences between R and S
R-commander a GUI for R
Sélections d'observations Selecting observations
Listing observations with R
Comment utiliser les exemples How to run the examples
Importing data into R
Fonctions apply() et by() Apply() and by() functions
Transformations/Re-expressions Transformations/Re-expressions
Re-expressions Re-expressions
Creating groups
Branchages (BàF) Stem and leaf plots
Histogrammes Histograms
Fractiles (BàL) Fractiles
Boîtes à pattes(BàP)/boxplots Boxplots
Boxplot variations
Densité Density plots
Diagnostic plots Diagnostic plots
Dotplots Dotplots
Line Tukey Line
Régression et résidus Regression and residuals
Lowess Lowess
Median polish Median polish
Portraits graphiques Graphical portraits
Co-plots Co-plots
Matrices de scatterplots Scatterplot matrices
Etude des nuages de points Scatterplot basics
Graphiques: droites et courbes Scatterplots: adding lines and curves
Graphiques: Interactivité Scatterplot: interaction
Graphiques 3D 3D charts
Etude des nuages de points (survol) Scatterplots (overview)
Bibliothèque Lattice Lattice library
Bwplot() [BàP avec Lattice] Bwplot() [Lattice boxplots]
Séries chronologiques Time series
Médianes mobiles Running medians
rggobi rggobi
Graphiques interactives Interactive graphics
plot() function
ggplot package
ggvis package
Categorical variables
Dimensional analysis
*Multivariate analyis
*Maps with R
Variable selection and model building

* = (denotes documents that are quite incomplete, but hopefully somewhat useful.