The Faculty of Translation and Interpreting offers a doctoral programme with the following specialisations:

  • translation studies
  • multilingual information processing
  • conference interpreting
  • multilingual communication management

Admission requirements
Documents to download

Admission requirements

Applicants must

  1. hold a Master of Arts in Translation or a Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting from the Faculty or degree deemed equivalent
  2. submit a preliminary proposal:

    before compiling the official request for admission to the doctoral programme of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Geneva, the applicant must submit a one- to three-page preliminary proposal, as well as his/her CV, to the academic advisor. The proposal should indicate the intended area of concentration and describe the aims of the research in a succinct manner. The purpose of this proposal is to attract the interest of a potential supervisor among the professors of the Faculty. The doctoral dissertation may be written in any of the A languages of the FTI (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

  3. submit an application file:

    In order to enrol as a Ph.D. student, the applicant must submit an application file to the Academic Advisor comprising:

    • Where necessary, a completed request form for equivalence of the highest degree attained
    • A detailed Curriculum Vitae in French (dated and signed)
    • A letter of motivation
    • A certified copy of the highest degree attained(1)
    • A copy of all other degrees and diplomas (1)
    • A university transcript of your academic record (1)
    • A list and dossier of your publications
    • A detailed presentation of your Ph.D. project
    • A letter from the Faculty professor whom the candidate has approached, and who has accepted to supervise research
    • Customized PhD programme established in agreement with your thesis director

    The application will be sent to the Dean’s office, which will then submit it to the Faculty’s Board of Professors for approval.

    (1) with a translation, for degrees/diplomas in languages other than French, German, English, Italian, or Spanish.

  4. complete the enrolment procedure as soon as they have received the letter confirming their admission to the FTI.


Registration Deadline

Ph.D. candidates are not bound by University registration deadlines and should send their file directly to the Academic Advisor.

Documents to download


In the event of further questions kindly contact the Academic Advisors.