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Archive ouverte UNIGE

Archive ouverte UNIGE is the institutional repository for all the University academic publications.

The benefits of the Archive ouverte UNIGE :

  • Easy access to all your publications
  • You can generate your bibliographies and web pages automatically (click here)
  • The visitility of your work will be increased
  • The Archive collects the scientific and intellectual output of the University
  • It promotes current research and preserves the institutional legacy
  • It participates in the Open Access movement established by the Declaration of Berlin in 2003
  • It registers the presence of the UNIGE in the general community of great university libraries

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Archive ouverte UNIGE accepts different type of documents and allows to set up distinct levels of diffusion (public, limited, none), possibly with a period of embargo, in accordance with copyright rules negociated with publishers.

What type of document is my publication ?

Journals / Serials
Journal articles (published or not; Data papers included)
Journal issues
Book parts and chapters
Proceedings chapters and conference abstracts
Dictionary / Encyclopedia items
Collective work
Presentations (unpublished)
Doctoral theses (Look out! New procedure since March 2020)
Privat-docent theses
Master and Master of advanced studies theses
Research reports
Technical reports
Working paper

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