Archive ouverte UNIGE

The Archive ouverte UNIGE is the digital repository of the scientific assets of the University of Geneva. It was created in 2008 in order to collect, preserve and make accessible as widely as possible the publications of the institution's teachers and researchers, following the principles of Open Access.

The University's employees are obliged to deposit the most widely distributable copy of all their publications, in compliance with the rights of third parties (see institutional directive).

Archive ouverte UNIGE
Submission portal
Which version of the file to upload?

The Directive requires that the most widely distributable version be deposited, whether it is the published version (publisher's PDF) or the accepted version, i.e. the author's final manuscript. It should be noted that both versions can be deposited simultaneously, each with its own level of dissemination.



For articles published in scientific journals, Sherpa Romeo provides information on the journal publisher's policy. This information, which specifies the freely shareable version(s), is included and presented in the Open Archive at the time of deposit.

Which level of dissemination?

For each file deposited in the Open Archive, you must select one of the three levels of dissemination proposed.

  1. Open access
  2. Restricted access
  3. Closed access

Free access is obviously the most open level, without any restrictions. Restricted access limits downloads to those with UNIGE or HUG computer access. Closed access allows downloads only to authors with UNIGE/HUG computer access.


It is also possible to set an additional temporary restriction, called embargo. The advantage of this mechanism is that it works automatically, i.e. at the end of the period chosen by the user, the level of access is modified according to the predetermined choice.


A research project carried out as part of a thesis is subject to a patent application. And as long as the patent is not registered, which can take several months, the thesis must not be disseminated. The doctoral student will therefore deposit her thesis in the Archive ouverte UNIGE WITH a 12-month embargo on closed access.


A team of librarians and correspondents has been set up to help the authors and validate the deposits.



In order to improve the service and to take advantage of the new tools that have emerged in recent years, the  UNIGE Archive ouverte is currently undergoing a makeover. A new deposit and validation interface has replaced the old tool since mid-September 2021, while the public consultation interface should be replaced at the end of the spring semester 2022.

Some figures

In 13 years of operation, more than 85,000 documents have been referenced in the Archive, more than half of which are full text and open access.

Number of documents in the Archive ouverte:



As far as downloads are concerned, there are several tens of thousands every month, not counting the files retrieved by search engines.

Number of downloads per month: