Training for the public

Studies at UNIGE

The University of Geneva offers a great number of training programs for the public. Through continuing education (à la carte, or leading to diplomas or qualifications), it meets the needs for professional reorientation, deepening of knowledge, and acquisition of new skills. The University also offers several MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and public lectures* that echo the courses taught and the research carried at UNIGE. The Geneva Summer Schools encourage the sharing of knowledge on topics of worldwide importance by bringing together individuals from all over the professional, academic, and geographic map.

Regarding lifelong learning, the University provides access to the Validation of prior experience* (VAE), which offers recognition of skills developed in the framework of professional and volunteer activities. The status of auditor* is intended for anyone interested in a course offered at UNIGE or who wishes to take advantage of academic courses without becoming a regular student. Reserved for seniors, uni3 Genève*, founded in 1975, welcomes some 2600 members and offers a broad lineup of cultural activities during the academic year: lectures, workshops, seminars, and cultural visits.

*In French