PhD / MSc Thesis


Emin Huseynov (PhD)

Context-Aware Multi-factor Authentication for the Augmented Human, May 2020, co-supervision with Jean-Marc Seigneur  (url)

Mohammad Parzhikar (PhD)

Higher-order Emergence in Collective AI Systems from Computational Model of Dictyostelium discoideum to Swarm Robotics- February 2020

Eleonore Fournier-Tombs (PhD)

Discourse Quality Analysis and Model of Online Deliberative Processes –July 2018

Messaoud Hammouya (PhD)

Statistique publique : des données aux connaissances : une approche orientée services pour la gestion des connaissances (url)

Emmanuel Rousseaux (PhD)

A Data mining approach for the discovery of critical events in life courses – December 2018, co-supervisions with Gilbert Ritschard

Assane Wade (PhD)

A framework for opinion change mining in social networks: tracking opinion change on Twitter (url)

Francesco De Angelis (PhD)

Towards a logic and chemical based coordination model (url)

Villalba Castro (PhD)

Hovering information: a self-organising, infrastructure-free information storage and retrieval service for mobile applications (url)

Regina Frei (PhD)

Self-healing and self-repairing technologies (url)

Manuel Oriol (PhD)

An approach to the dynamic evolution of software systems (url)

Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo (PhD)

1. Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, "Stepwise Refinement of Formal Specifications Based on Logical Formulae: from COOPN/2 Specifications to Java Programs", Ph.D. Thesis no 1931, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Département d'informatique, Lausanne, Suisse, 1999. (abstractps.gzpdf )

2. G. Di Marzo, "ACCESS - Algebraic Concurrent Events for System Specification"  , MSc Computer Science Thesis, Faculty of Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1994. (pdf)

3. G. Di Marzo, "RODAS5(4) - Méthodes de Rosenbrock d'ordre 5(4) adaptées aux problemes différentiels-algébriques", MSc Mathematics Thesis, Faculty of Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1993. (pdf)

MSc (a selection) 

  • Nabil Naja, Utilisation de l'apprentissage par renforcement pour la composition de service dans un milieu distribué, 2019
  • Kamil Dobosz, Impact de la météo sur la fréquentation des transport publiques : Une analyse Statistique, 2018
  • MSc - Roberto Tomaylla – Spatial services deployed in actual MANET environments (2017)
  • MSc - Adnan Imeri - Design and development of technical components for service management in compliance with legal framework (August 2016)
  • MSc - Annabelle Rottier - Performance Indicators for Geneva Public Transport - University of Tours, Summer 2015 (
  • MSc - Ali Fakeri - Ad-Hoc Network applications - a comparative study of wireless technologies and development of decentralized applications (September 2013)