Tobias Golling

Teaching activities


Spring/Fall, since 2018: Electrodynamique 1 (Cours)

Spring/Fall, since 2015: Séminaires d'orientation et séminaire pour étudiants (Séminaire)

Fall, since 2015: Physique d'aujourd'hui (Cours)

Fall, 2015–2017: Physique Général B (Cours)



Spring 2014: PHYS 205L, Modern Physical Measurement

Spring 2014: PHYS 206L, Modern Physical Measurement

Spring 2013: Physics 201b - Fundamentals of Physics II

Fall 2013: Physics 200a - Fundamentals of Physics I

Fall 2013: Physics 165La - General Physics Laboratory

Fall 2012: Physics 200a - Fundamentals of Physics I

Spring 2011: Physics 110b - Developments in Modern Physics

Spring 2011: Physics 166Lb - General Physics Laboratory

Fall 2009: Physics 165La - General Physics Laboratory


Institutional responsibilities


Committee computing since 2017,

Coordinateurs mobilité since 2016,

Thesis committee (2017: Yang Li; 2016: Chris Delitzsch, Akshay Katre, Johanna Gramling, Francesco Guescini; 2015: Eleonora Benhar Noccioli, Gaetano Barone)



Sophomore Adviser for 7 students (Fall 2013, Spring 2014),

Organization of Yale Physics Colloquium (Spring and Fall 2013),

Graduate admissions committee (Spring 2013),

Department’s Committee On Undergraduate Physics Education (COUPE) (Fall 2012, Spring 2013),

Organization of Open House for Prospective Graduate Students (Spring 2012 and 2013),

Prospectus committee for PhD student Andrew Leister (Fall 2012),

HEP computing committee: 5-year strategy of the HEP computing resources and management (Spring 2011),

Organization of Yale Physics Olympics (Fall 2009)


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