Strengthening the Thin Green Line: A call for an international monitoring mechanism for environmental peacebuilding law

Mara Tignino and StavrosPantazopoulos (University of Helsinki) contributed to a compendium of lessons learned, visions for, and recommendations towards the future of environmental peacebuilding. The project is ongoing and aims to deliver a strong, cogent message about the future of the field to the Stockholm+50 forum in June 2022. The compendium represents one half and the other is a shorter, policy-oriented document which was developed through a reflexive, consultative, multi-stakeholder process.

The full project will be available and launched on 2 February 2022 at the Second International Conference for Environmental Peacebuilding, in Geneva and online. For now, the organizers are sharing the 50 contributions to the compendium in the weeks leading up to the conference.

 Tignino and Pantazopoulos’s contribution calls the international community to create an independent mechanism monitoring the compliance of actors operating in conflict-affected settings with their commitments and best practices.

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18 Jan 2022