Imane Fouiteh

Mme Imane Fouiteh


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Imane Fouiteh joined the Institute for Environmental Sciences in University of Geneva as a research assistant and Ph.D. student in the Energy Efficiency group in March 2020. Her work revolves around quantifying and analyzing energy savings of energy efficiency programs in households led by SIG, collecting data of other energy efficiency programs conducted by other utilities and on EU level, and studying the drivers and barriers of a potential collaboration of different utilities on energy efficiency programs.

Prior to her Ph.D. research, Imane received her the Engineering Master degree “Process, Energy and Environment” from the National School of Applied Sciences of Morocco in 2017. Right after that, she joined University of Geneva for her second Master studies in Environmental Sciences, Energy Track. In her Master Thesis, she developed a program based on artificial intelligence, able to detect windows in building facades, as part of a complete method for estimating solar photovoltaic potential of vertical surfaces. 

During her studies, Imane was hired as an intern in different companies in Morocco and by the utility SIG in Geneva, where she examined the solar potential of different buildings in the canton and developed a tool that is meant to facilitate the prioritization of buildings for solar installations.