Portal for Online and Blended Learning

This portal has been created to provide you with useful resources and help you prepare your courses and classes. Some of the resources (e.g. tutorials) will allow you to adopt a self-training approach, while others will provide you with training and/or coaching opportunities with UNIGE e-learning and blended learning experts. We are aware of the time you will invest in this preparation and hope that these webpages will meet your expectations. They will be continuously enriched with new insights and resources coming from scientific research, as well as from the richness of the feedback we receive. This Portal will thereby follow an iterative process, as we, as a university community, move forward and learn from our experiences, our doubts and debates, our failures and our successes.


A word from the Vice-Rector

In response to the health crisis in the spring semester of 2020, our university community showed a formidable capacity to adapt – which surveys have confirmed  when access to buildings, classrooms, laboratories and libraries had suddenly become impossible. The shift to distance learning has involved teaching modalities and formats that are less familiar to many of us. It has generated stress, but at times also a sense of discovery that has provided a large array of opportunities.

At the beginning of September, teaching at the University of Geneva could be held on campus only; on campus and online simultaneously (via streaming); on campus and online alternately; or completely at a distance/online. The choice will depend on the health conditions, the priorities set by the faculties/departments/centres, but also on the motivation of instructors. We are here to accompany you in this change and help you chose the online and blended teaching formats and approaches that best suit and do justice to the quality of your content.

Prof. Micheline Louis-Courvoisier