A Single Portal for Online and Blended Learning

The Portal for Online and Blended Learning was set up with the initial objective of hosting the content and resources made available during times of crisis (e.g. PowerPoint and video tutorials, fact sheets, web links, articles, and other resources). The Portal thus initially provided a place for resources to help UNIGE instructors ensure continuity of teaching in times of crisis.

Since the start of the September 2020 academic year, the Portal's mandate has been to support UNIGE's mission in terms of providing quality online and blended learning.

The Portal is therefore part of a long-term vision focused on the importance of supporting the UNIGE teaching community and to encourage instructors to approach online education beyond the "emergency distance education" mode specific to a crisis context.  

The Taskforce behind the Portal  

The UNIGE Distance Learning Taskforce was created out of UNIGE’s commission for online and blended learning presided by Vice-Rector Micheline Louis-Courvoisier. Its objective is to provide a single-entry point for the UNIGE teaching community regarding distance learning and to facilitate the articulation between face-to-face, distance and blended learning.

The creation of the Taskforce was also inspired by the desire to perpetuate the inter-service dimension and spirit which has been a strength for UNIGE in times of crisis. Its function is therefore to facilitate synergies and pool the skills present within the various UNIGE common services involved in distance learning (CFCD, Pôle SEA, Pôle e-Learning, Cellule MOOC), as well as to enable joint reflection on the provision of resources for the UNIGE teaching community.

A word from the Vice-Rector


We had hoped that COVID would be behind us by now, but we shall have to wait a bit longer. Despite the fourth wave, UNIGE has decided to start the new academic year completely on-site. But rest assured that all measures are taken to ensure that you are safe within our walls, and we are very happy to welcome you back.

Nevertheless, the safest measure is undoubtedly the vaccine, combined with the wearing of a mask. The more people vaccinated, the faster the epidemic threat will disappear.

Whatever happens, we remain by your side to accompany you and to support you in the development of the content of your teaching according to the chosen educational scenarios.

Our collective experiences since the Spring 2020 have enabled us to gain in skills and confidence. This Portal will remain a place to seek and find lessons learned and good practices, so that together we can continue to pursue the smoothest possible articulation between face-to-face and distance learning. 

Prof. Micheline Louis-Courvoisier