Pedagogy: Best practices

Transforming a course into a blended format

Learning design options for the transformation of a module/course into an e-learning/blended format

Depending on the requirements and needs of each module/course, we offer three learning design options for the implementation of online learning: light, intermediate and advanced:

  • The light option allows you to take the first step towards transforming your classroom-based course/module into the e-learning format. We will help you to upload and organize the pedagogical resources of your course/module.
  • The intermediate option guides you, in addition to structuring the teaching resources, in scripting your course/module with more substantial resources and videos to guide learning.
  • For those who wish to go further, the advanced option allows you to build a personalized learning journey for learners. We invite you to view the video clips below for more information.


Transformation - Option légère

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Transformation - Option intermédiaire

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Transformation - Option avancée

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