Mastering the tools

OneDrive / SWITCHdrive

Storage space may be useful in addition to using the Moodle platform, particularly for making available video clips or recordings that exceed the size limits imposed by Moodle.



Since the beginning of 2020, all UNIGE members have had the OneDrive cloud storage solution available to them. This personal space of 1 terabyte (To) is synchronised with a local copy of the files on the workstation, whether institutional or private, thus facilitating use and sharing with other equipment or between colleagues, especially when accessing files remotely and in the context of remote work.

How to install OneDrive on your workstation (in French)

Please refer to OneDrive-tutorials in English

The SWITCH Foundation provides the Swiss university community with an alternative to the commercial services of the personal cloud, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc., which are available to the Swiss university community. Thanks to this initiative, UNIGE is offering a secure web storage service that provides the entire university community with free storage space, enabling them to share documents in the cloud. This service is available and compatible with many devices (computer, tablet, smartphone...) and operating systems.

To access this service, simply go to SWITCHdrive and request the creation of a SWITCHcloud ID using your AAI ID (ISIS login).

Faculties and centres that use other means compatible with the situation may continue doing so.

Please refer to SWITCHdrive-tutorial in English