Mastering the tools


Mediaserver is UNIGE’s institutional multimedia platform. It enables instructors to record their classes, broadcast classes via live streaming, as well as storing both audio and video files.

The list of rooms equipped for recording and live broadcasting is available on the page

Classes taking place on site (in classrooms equipped by the UNIGE) or in a mixed format (some students present in the classroom and some watching the class at a distance)

To schedule the recording of your class and/or its live broadcast for the semester, please fill out the dedicated request form.

Distance learning course

If the course is not given on UNIGE premises or if it is given in a classroom that is not equipped with Mediaserver, instructors can make use of Zoom, which allows both live broadcasting and recording. The recording files can only be kept for 60 days on the Zoom cloud, it is advised to store them on Mediaserver for a more perennial use (contact mediaserver(at)


Tutorial Mediaserver 1: « Scheduling and recording classes » (in French)

Tutorial Mediaserver 2: "Importing Zoom recordings onto Mediaserver" (in French)


Technical support: mediaserver(at)
Technical support on the campus: